Works by Barbara Roden
Original paintings and mixed media works by Barbara Roden

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I am so grateful to my sister Mary GLavind, who you met in Mazatlan recently, for suggesting I look at your website. Your work is both strong and gentle, open and generous. I love it. Are you represented in BC somewhere.? I would love to see the originals. Gwenn Cutler, Kamloops, BC
Gwenn Cutler - 28 Mar 2014
I really enjoy the strength and positive energy that radiates from your work. Your work is inspiring and the guardian angels are wonderful.
Jodie Blaney - 17 Sep 2013
Barbara - your work is absolutely stunning! I adopted three of your winged women with sturdy shoes series two years ago and still love them as much as the day I got them. Your new work is so vivid and rich and full!!! Looking forward to adopting more!!!
Lorri Guyot - 11 Aug 2009
I saw your new paiting. It is sooooooo good. I like it.
Jahja Phumidist - 6 Apr 2009
wow i am surfin the internet having morning tea and presto!!! wanna trade???
Robert Gary Parkes - 20 Mar 2009
Hey Barb! Found your art website through facebook. Amazing...beautiful work! Now I know what you have been up to all these years. Hope all is well with you and your family. Drop by sometime when you are visiting the Sunshine Coast. Diane Nyberg
Diane Nyberg - 3 Mar 2009
Your work fascinates me Barb. I see deliberateness and beauty in every brilliant stroke. Thank you for sharing it here. Are you famous yet :o) - 'cause you should be!
Lori Bentz-Sim - 28 Feb 2009
Great website Barbara. Your pictures are colourful and beautiful. I feel like I learned something from a visit to your website and enjoyed the ride!
Laura - 27 Oct 2008
So good! Barbara. ha ha ha
Jahja Phumidist - 27 Oct 2008
I love it, Barb. Symbolism page is really great. Keep up the good work. Maura
Maura Jones - 26 Oct 2008
A wonderful web site, the colours are so true. I appreciate all the different categories. Jenny Bullen
Jenny Bullen - 25 Oct 2008
Great! I particularly like the Symbolism section, ties it all together; psychologically, academically, and emotionally.
Roxsanne Bujnowicz - 21 Oct 2008
Barbara, Your site is absolutely wonderful. I am telling everyone I talk to that they should come visit. I tell them I met the artist on the World Cruise and she (you) are one terrific artist. Thank you for sharing with us all.
Ruth Swanson - 21 Oct 2008
Barbara, I like the fact that you have explained the symbolism for your works of art. It means more to the person looking at your work and one can get a real appreciation of what you are about.
Carol Williams - 20 Oct 2008
Great work Mom!!!
Ali Roden - 13 Oct 2008
Love it!
Uncle Graham - 10 Oct 2008
Very nice. I think we should look at doing a video blog with a running commentary.
Robin Main - 8 Oct 2008
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