Works by Barbara Roden
Original paintings and mixed media works by Barbara Roden

Interpretation of symbolism

Of course, all works of art are interpreted by the viewer according to his/her life experience; a single work may be interpreted in as many different ways as there are viewers. For those viewers interested in the personal meanings I've ascribed to my imagery, I offer the following:

all colours of the rainbow square rainbow - the diverse paradigms within a community

bluebird with berry example bluebird - relative/friend/others offering advice

blue dress example blue dress - the figure is a mother - historical religious paintings depict Mary, mother of Jesus, dressed or draped in blue 

fence example fences - inhibiting factors; the division between public and private; sometimes a protective element

figures within architecture  example tiny figures - paradigms of the figures

fused hands example hands - an unbreakable bond allowing the figure to hold onto those she nurtures

infant example infant - child, spouse, ageing parent, friend, others requiring tender loving care

lack of landscape - this moment exists as an ethereal space rather than a physical one

leaves - spiritual and intellectual growth

objects in series of 7 example community - the days of the week, and therefore every day

objects in series of 21 or 28 - reflects a woman's lifegiving cycle

oversized body - strength of spirit

robins example robins - the harbingers of spring; new beginnings; wisdom; experience

7 houses example 7 houses - community

spiral curl example curl - wisdom of the inner voice

sturdy shoes example sturdy shoe - the figure is able to stand her ground firmly; to balance; to kick butt

wings 7 feathers - the ability to soar, mentally and spiritually